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GERRON (הגדל)

Kurt Gerron was a famous actor, not only known for his interpretation of the Song Mack the Knive in the first staging of Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera, but also starring in films side by side with Marlene Dietrich. He also worked as a film director for the UFA production company


But in the NS-System he is „just“ a Jew. When he gets deported to Terezin he is asked to produce a film about the place, which is supposed to show the humiliating life in Terezin embellished like it’s a paradise. He is confronted with the dilemma to be able to direct once more, but therefore to play in the hands of the Nazis. This challenge pulls him more and more into his memories of his former life. As long as the camera is rolling, the actors won’t be deported


For the first time director Annette Gleichmann  adapted the novel Gerron by Charles Lewinsky for the stage. The book was nominated for the National Literature Award in Switzerland in 2014. The production features beautiful puppet theatre as well as fine acting, which combines in a very touching and poetical way

What is left of a man, who is forced to collaborate with his tormentors to survive? It is a maelstrom of memories and visions, of lust for life and work, of love and esparation. It is a fight for identity and legacy




Director: Annette Gleichmann
Stage and Puppet Design: Ira Hausmann & Janna Skroblin
Music: Andreas Kohl
Video: Sebastian Heiland
Dramaturgy: Martin Stefke
Actors and Puppeteers: Magdalene Schaefer, Sebastian Fortak, André Rohde
Project coordination: Daniel Morgenroth, Teuta Kallco, Liliana Bosch
Light and sound: Alexander Fuchs
Director’s assistent: Liliana Bosch
Props: Andreas Haupt
Make-up artist: Ulrike Gass-Flakowski
Dresser: Hannah Albrecht
Theater pedagogue: Lela Mader


Guest performance from Theater Konstanz, Germany
Theatre Director: Prof.Dr.Dr. Christoph Nix
Translation: Shaul Levin and Sabine Dievenkorn
Surtitles: Teuta Kallco


Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes, no intermission

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